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Air Conditioning for Homes

Air Conditioning for Homes and Conservatories

Did you know VAT is charged at only 5% on energy saving products!  This means that the supply and installation of air conditioning heat pump equipment for homes can save you 15% compared to other heating and cooling equipment, most air conditioners are rated energy efficient A, A+ or A++. These units are highly efficient. 

Do you need air conditioning, to ensure parts of your home remain comfortable during warmer months? An air conditioning system may well be the answer, providing a cooler bedroom to sleep comfortably in, a kitchen that keeps its cool, or a conservatory that is enjoyable even in the heat of the summer.

Today’s air conditioning units also double up as a very efficient heater for the colder months, too. Built around heat pump technology, the system simply reverses its function when you need winter warmth. Far more effective and efficient than traditional electric room heaters, it is the answer to maintaining comfort through the colder months.

For some homes, a full air conditioning system may be a sensible alternative to a dysfunctional or outdated heating system. Alternatively, it is simple and inexpensive to install a smaller system serving just parts of a home, such as those areas facing south and experiencing solar gain.

Air conditioning for homes

If you are planning to build a new home, then why not design in heat pump technology from the start? An eco home can effectively exploit the latest in air conditioning technology, to ensure good air quality, cooled or heated as required all year round, at running costs potentially lower than other, traditional domestic heating systems.

Designs are unobtrusive and stylish, with easy controls that allow for room by room temperature selection. In operation, they are quiet and spread the treated air around a room without creating draughts. And thanks to advanced technologies, running costs are far lower than most expect.

Cold Heat fits a range of products from leading manufacturers, including Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Daikin and LG. Ask for our advice in selecting the system that will best suit your specific needs.

Whether you want to solve a hot room problem, or are planning a self build home, call today on 0330 128 1720 for advice.

Benefits of Air Conditioning for Homes

  • A great way to make rooms more useable year-round
  • Energy efficient “A” or “A++” systems available to heat and cool
  • Wide variety of types available to suit different environmental conditions, see Air Conditioner Types for more details
  • Latest environmentally friendly gas, R32 used in most new installations
  • Conservatories, kitchens, sunrooms, orangeries can all be transformed

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