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Air Conditioner Hints and Tips

Below are hints, tips and advice from Cold Heat to ensure the best use of your air conditioning.

  • Don't neglect your outdoor unit as it is vital to air conditioning as it generates the cool air for your air conditioner.
  • Check the unit regularly to ensure that it is free from leaves, overgrown grass, insect nests, dirt etc. as these can create blockages and damage the unit
  • Once every 12 months give the outside casing a wash with soapy water and then apply a layer of car polish to protect the casing from the elements and help maximize the life of your air conditioner
  • Check for any wear or damage to the hoses coming out of the unit. This can result in a leak of the refrigerant gas, which will require a service call to re-gas the unit.
  • Turn on the air conditioner before the house is hot otherwise it takes extra energy to cool the house to a comfortable level.
  • Use blinds and shades to keep the heat out.
  • Close doors to all non air-conditioned "utility" rooms like toilets, laundry, walk-in wardrobes etc. Cooling these rooms can be a waste of energy.
  • For windows exposed to the westerly aspect, keep these shaded during the peak temperature of the day (i.e. over 30°C)
  • If your home is unoccupied during the day (e.g. at work), use the timer operation and set the air conditioner to start about 2 hours before you get home. That way when you arrive home the house is already cool.

Did you know?

  • An air conditioner is a sealed system and the gas does not “wear out” so it should not require regular re-gassing each year.
  • If the unit is not cooling to best effect check your filters and remote control setting before calling for service.

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